Shader: Ambient Occlusion


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All our shaders are multi-platform, they work on PC/Mac OSX/Unix.


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  2. ProKit: $25
    • Full parameters
    • RIB file for generating renders
    • PDF Documentation of all parameters 
    • Help screenshots:
    • Files:
      • lollipopShaders_ambocc.pdf: full PDF documentation of parameters
      • lollipopShaders_ambocc_*.jpg: example renders
      • lollipopShaders_ambocc.rib: Renderman RIB (scene file) for rendering


Lollipop Shaders Featured In Article on Various CG Sites for "White Out" Feature Film:
"For the snow AO render layer, I asked about their AO solution. has production quality shaders for 3delight and Pixar's Renderman.  When it was time to make shaders, I used TRACED AMBIENT OCCLUSION for the snow AO render pass. The Mental Ray's AO solution was not quick enough to meet deadline. The render time for Lollipop Shader's AO took 30 secs per frame, which whipped out the render passes in hours and not days (or weeks), which is important to make dailies to show Lawrie."
- Timothy Giovanni



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