RenderMan21 Scene Converter


The lights and displacement shaders have been totally revamped for RenderMan21, and your Maya scenes from RenderMan v20 or earlier (both Reyes & RIS) won't render in RM21.

This converter tool will automatically scan your Maya scene for old lights and displacement shaders (from RM20 RIS & Reyes, RM19, RM18) and automatically convert them to the new RM21 and drop those new nodes into your scene.

For the lights, it will put them in the same position and orientation as your old lights, as well as match the exposure, color, HDR maps etc automatically. For mesh lights, it will find the geometry your mesh light is connected to, and also swap in not only the new mesh lights, but the new bxdf surface shader assignment for that object.

For the displacements, it will scan your scene and look for old RMSDisplacement shaders, and replace them with PxrDisplace and the appropriate interface for scalar or vector displacements (Mudbox, Zbrush, tangent vectors, etc).




This tool is free for non-commercial use, contact us for non-commercial license. If using for commercial projects specify the # of users for the appropriate license with your download. All purchases for commercial use are for annual floating licenses and include one year of support and updates from date of purchase. The free non-commercial license version doesn't include support.


Demo Videos

View Mesh Light Conversion Demo Video in HD on YouTube


View RMSGeoAreaLight Conversion Demo Video in HD on YouTube


View Vector Displacement Conversion Demo Video in HD on YouTube


View Displacement Conversion Demo Video in HD on YouTube





v14 (Sep 12 2017):
- Lights: fixed Maya 2016.5 & Maya2017 compatibility, using mc.shadingNode instead of mc.createNode for all light creation

v13 (Sep 07 2017):
- Lights: fixed RMSGeoAreaLight type "Disk" (RM20 Reyes) conversion

v12 (Apr 12 2017):
- Lights: added dialog box with useful info of conversion

View v12 Updates with Dialog Box on YouTube

(Dec 13 2016):
- Displacement: fix locked nodes error on upstream nodes
- Lights: fixed error from unrecognized light types like "spot"
- Lights: added color temperature conversion

View Colour Temperature Demo Video in HD on YouTube


View Displacement Conversion Upstream Update Demo Video in HD on YouTube


v10 (Aug 4 2016):
- PxrStdAreaLight "normalize" supported - RMSGeoLightBlocker hidden

v09 (Aug 4 2016)
- fixed PxrStdAreaLight (RM20 RIS) different types (sphere lights etc) to correct PxrSphereLight/PxrRectLight/... (RM21)





Once you download the package, open README.html to take you to the installation page, which installs a custom Maya shelf for you with the converter as a simple button to run. Alternatively, you can view the install instructions directly here:



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