HDR LightMap: Foreclosed Dealership Office (Day)


(C)opyright 2011 by Arkell Rasiah and Christophe Hery

Name: Day_TheForeClosedDealership2

This daylight HDRI light map was captured at abandoned foreclosed car
dealership in San Rafael, Marin County, California, USA. Time of capture was around 12pm-1pm.

Contents details:
README.TXT = About this kit.
LICENSE = This kits EULA.
<name>_8k.exr = Native 8192x4096 OpenEXR lat-long HDRI light map.
<name>_1k.exr = Resized version of the 8k to 1024x512 OpenEXR HDRI light map.
<name>_1k.jpg = Jpeg version LDRI (low dynamic range image).
<name>_1280x720.mp4 = Pixar Renderman 16.3 (or later) plausible turntable
                     render using the 8k exr file as a texture for the
                     background and 1k exr file as the light map
                     for the plausibleEnvLight.

HDRI Light Map details:
File Format: OpenEXR 16bit Half
Colorspace (Gamut) = sRGB (D65)
Colorspace (Gamma) = Linear
Exposure = 14.4EV
NB: This map is underexposed by one stop. (i.e. gray card on ground is 0.09
instead of 0.18). This intentionally done to bring the sun value below the
max permissible value of a 16bit half i.e. 65504. In the render, we correct
for this by setting the intensity value of dome light shader to 2.
Unclipped = Yes

References within map:
Gray Card = Yes (multiple locations)
Macbeth = Yes (albeit small)
Model = Matteo (white color)

Turntable render details:
Turntable Model: Matteo.rib
Model Material shader: PlausibleMatte @ diffuseColor=0.18
Dome Light shader: PlausibleEnvLight @ intensity=3; samples=256

Captured/Created by:
Arkell Rasiah
Christophe Hery
Feb 2011