HDR LightMap: Full Moon (Night)


 (C)opyright 2012 by Arkell Rasiah

Name: Night_FullMoon

This night full moon HDRI light map was captured in Irvine, California, USA on August 1, 2012; a full moon day on the calender. This event was categorized as a "blue moon". Time of capture was around 11pm.

Contents details:
README.TXT = About this kit.
LICENSE = This kits EULA.
<name>_8k.exr = Native 8192x4096 lat-long HDRI light map.
<name>_1k.exr = Resized version of the 8k to 1024x512 HDRI light map.
<name>_1k.jpg = Jpeg version LDRI (low dynamic range image).
<name>_1280x720.mp4 = Pixar Renderman 16.3 (or later) plausible turntable
                     render using the 8k exr file as a texture for the
                     background and 1k exr file as the light map
                     for the plausibleEnvLight.
<name>_actual_vs_render.mp4 = This a comparison of an actual Matteo turntable
captured at the scene vs the rendered Matteo turntable.  The actual Matteo
object is 3d print of the sub-div Matteo model used in the render. The Matteo
object is placed in the same location as the camera that captured this light
map. Note this was rendered with depth-of-field.

HDRI Light Map details:
File Format: OpenEXR 16bit Half
Colorspace (Gamut) = sRGB (D65)
Colorspace (Gamma) = Linear
Exposure = 0EV
Unclipped = Yes
Dynamuc Range = 20stops
Luminance estimate of moon = 5100 cd/m2

References within map:
Gray Card = Yes
Macbeth = Yes
Actual Matteo Turntable shot at scene = Yes (EV 0)

Turntable render details:
Model: Matteo.rib surface material shader: PlausibleMatte @ diffuseColor=0.5
Model: right sphere/ground plane surface material shader: PlausibleMatte @ diffuseColor=0.18
Dome Light shader: PlausibleEnvLight @ intensity=1; samples=256

Captured/Created by:
Arkell Rasiah
Aug 2012