HDR LightMap Set: Sunrise To Sunset Geographe Bay (Day)



"Vespa on the beach" "turntable" rendered with these lightmaps in RMS18 by Laura Brousseau.

This is an example of using a sequence of lightmaps, with a wide natural lighting range, as a "turntable" to tune and validate one's material assignments during shot/sequence look development.


((C)opyright 2014 by Arkell Rasiah

Name: Sunrise-Sunset Timelapse (Day_GeographeBay)

This sunrise to sunset timelapse of forty unclipped HDRI light maps was captured at Geographe Bay, W. Australia.

Time of capture ranges from 5am to 7:30pm within the course of a single day.

This HDRI set of images captures the varying lighting conditions created by the sun from before it appears above the horizon until it disappears below the horizon.

It also includes some varying cloud covered sun conditions that occurred during the day. This included passing "rain" clouds!
As such, this set uniquely covers a wide gamut of natural lighting conditions created by the sun in open outdoor environments i.e. as a tiny intense key light that creates sharp shadows to a large area light with almost no shadowing.

Contents details:
README.TXT = About this kit.
LICENSE = This kits EULA.
DOWNLOAD_INSTRUCTIONS_FOR_8K = Instructions for downloading the 8k version. 3.7GB.
Day_GeographeBay.mov =  A 1920x1080 movie of the forty maps.
Day_GeographeBay_8k.01-40.exr = 8192x4096 HDRI light maps
Day_GeographeBay_1k.01-40.[exr hdr] = Resized version of the 8k to 1024x512 HDRI light map in OpenEXR and Radiance formats

(Please see attached instructions for downloading the 8k version)

HDRI Light Map details:
File Format: OpenEXR 16bit Half
Colorspace/Primaries Chromaticities : sRGB/Rec709 (D65)
Colorspace Transfer Function : Linear
Exposure : 16EV
Unclipped : Yes

Capture location GPS:
Latitude : -33.6423
Longitude : 115.182

References within map:
Gray Card = Yes (frames 1-40)
Macbeth = Yes (frames 12-40)

NB: Each exr file holds complete meta data on the capture time, gps location, EV etc.

Captured/Created by:
Arkell Rasiah
Jan 2014