Shader: Texture Dome


The ImgFile Shader is useful for placing any texture or HDR onto an environment sphere geometry, or any geometry in the scene. It supports UV scaling, translation, gain, interpolation, and flipping around UV co-ordinates. 

If you're finding that when you place an environment texture in your 3d package (Houdini, Katana, Maya) you see it aligned one way, and rendering gives you a different orientation, then this shader will give you full control to place it how you want it.

All our shaders are multi-platform, they work on PC/Mac OSX/Unix.



  1. Free Download (with limited parameters):
    Download PRMan compiled shader

  2. ProKit: $25
    - Full parameters
    - RIB file for generating renders
    - PDF Documentation of all parameters 
    - Files:
    • lollipopShaders_imgFile.pdf: full PDF documentation of parameters
    • License-Agreement.pdf: End User License Agreement (EULA)
    • lollipopShaders_imgFile_*.jpg: example renders
    • lollipopShaders_imgFile.rib: Renderman RIB (scene file) for rendering
  3. ProKit + Source Code: $75 
    - everything included in ProKit, plus shader source code

    * Note: The License Agreement requires one copy per user/computer. If you are purchasing for more users, supply the correct # of copies after clicking "Add to Cart". View the License Agreement before downloading or purchasing.

Example Renders: