Shader: Iridescence "Thin Film"


Our Iridescence "Thin Film" shader is great for oily surfaces as well as metals! This shader works with RenderMan Reyes, and supports the new Physically Plausible paradigm with ray traced area lights. 

Tutorial Videos

View tutorial Part-1 video in HD on YouTube
View tutorial Part-2 video in HD on YouTube

The Lollipop Shaders Iridescence Base Kit includes:

  • Surface Shader (.slo)
  • Reference Images
  • PDF Explaining Usage
  • 3 Weeks Support on Usage

All our shaders are multi-platform, they work on PC/Mac OSX/Unix.


  • lollipop_iridescence_GI.slo -- PRMan compiled surface shader.
  •  lollipop_irid_displace.slo -- PRMan compiled displace shader.
  • Wedge.rib -- Renderman RIB file for rendering scene.
  • rossSeminary_1k.exr -- high dynamic range (HDR) lightmap for Image-Based-Lighting.
  • All associated .slo files for rendering .rib. (lights and background)
  • PDF explaining shader usage   

    Inspirational Images

    There are many things found in nature that exhibit an "iridescent thin-film" visual quality that can be achieved by this shader. Explore these inspirational images (not renders) and find some of your own:




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