Shader: Leaf


The Leaf Shader ProKit is your full kit for using our leaf shader! Upon downloading this kit you can immediately render from the RIB file included, and the leaf shader is applied with correct settings to our example geometry. It also includes the light shaders and environment maps, everything you need to get a nice looking render out-of-the-box. On top of that you have the full source code for the surface and displacement shader, so you can view, modify, and recompile the shader to your liking. 

The Leaf Shader features include:

  • Front/back leafcolors
  • Transparancy backlighting
  • Raytrace shadows and traditional z-depth shadows
  • Full texture support for scattering
  • Full texture support for displacement
  • "Velvet" specular model (to simulate tiny hairs on leaves)
  • Procedural variation of leaf color/opacity

The Leaf ProKit includes:

  • Shader Source Code (.sl) (surface and displacement)
  • High-Resolution Reference Photography
  • RIB file for generating renders
  • Light Shaders
  • HDR Environment Texture


  • -- source code of surface shader.
  • -- source code of displacement shader.
  • lollipop_leaf.rib -- Renderman RIB file for rendering scene.
  • leaf.exr -- rendered image created from RIB file.
  • lightShaders -- directory of light shaders needed to render RIB file.
  • rossSeminary_1k.exr -- high dynamic range (HDR) lightmap for Image-Based-Lighting.
  • referencePhotography -- directory of 8 photographs of macro leaf reference.

Sample of user-interface parameters:

Sample of source code:

// scale s,t
float SS = S*sScale;
float TT = T*tScale;
// Repeat s,t:
if (st_repeat==1) { SS =
SS = mod(S,1); TT =
TT = mod(T,1); } _st = (S, T,

_st = (S, T, 0);
if (leafTextureFront!="")
    textureColorFront = KtexFront * texture( leafTextureFront, SS, TT,
"width", texWidth,
"blur", texBlur );
baseColorFinalFront = textureColorFront;

if (rgbToLightConversion==1)
    baseColorFinalFront = gamma( baseColorFinalFront, 1.0/rgbToLightGamma );

if (fbmMultTex==1)
    baseColorFinalFront = baseColorFinalFront*fbm1;

Sample thumbnails of hi-resolution reference photography:

Sample thumbnails of PDF Documentation:
* Note: The License Agreement requires one copy per user/computer. If you are purchasing for more users, supply the correct # of copies after clicking "Add to Cart". View the License Agreement before downloading or purchasing.