RIS Occlusion Integrator


This custom Integrator for RenderMan RIS does lightning fast occlusion without the need for material assignment! 

What is it? This is a C++ compiled plugin for RenderMan RIS (v19, 20, 21+)

Watch the tutorial videos below for install & use.

Free trial: Occlusion mode for non-commercial use, limited to black & red colors.

Full featured: Occlusion for commercial use, full controls for 2 color occlusion.

Upon downloading this product, you can use it in any system that is setup with RenderMan (Maya, Houdini, Katana, or any custom package) on any platform (Windows, Mac OSX, Unix).


Demo Video 2

View Demo video 2 in HD on YouTube
RenderMan20, Maya2016


Demo Video 1

View 2min Demo video in HD on YouTube

Once you've downloaded the Occlusion Integrator from the "Add to Cart" & "Checkout" buttons, checkout the install instructions here.



RIS Occlusion Integrator
Maya Houdini Katana RenderMan Reyes RenderMan RIS v19+20 RenderMan RIS v21
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