Material Library: RIS100 for PxrLM


We've finely tuned 100 physically based material settings based on the "MERL100" library, for you to have at your fingertips out-of-the-box! Works in RenderMan RIS Mode. This is a full library of presets! 

Options from the Dropdown menu above:
1) Full Library for PxrLM: If you're using the layered "PxrLM" materials (PxrLMSubsurface, PxrLMDiffuse, PxrLMMetal, ...) this is for you: these are the "layered materials" that ship with RenderMan and have more sophisticated layering.
2) Free Trial 20 presets: this is a free download and lets you sample 20 materials (out of the full 100).

Check out the video below for all the details, and download the FREE TRIAL version with a sample of 20 materials. Once you select the $0 free trial option from the dropdown menu, proceed to Checkout and enter your email & other info: no credit card payment is required for the $0 free trial, once completed you will get a download link email.

Upon downloading this product, you can use it in any system that is setup with RenderMan (Maya, Blender, Houdini, Katana, or any custom package) on any platform (Windows, Mac OSX, Unix).


Educational Video - How We Did It

View 18min video in HD on YouTube

Demo Video - In Maya Material Viewer

View 45s video in HD on YouTube

Demo Video - LM BxDF's

View 30s Turntable Render video in HD on YouTube

Tutorial Video - Part 1 - Explainer

View 2min Explainer Tutorial video in HD on YouTube


The LollipopShaders "RIS100" Material Library includes:

  • 100 MERL100 materials for PxrLM (full version only, trial has 20 materials)
  • Sample HDR Lightmap "Day Dusk"
  • Tutorial Video for installation & use
  • Maya scene file with all materials applied (full version only)
  • Sample renders and 8k reference
  • Screenshots



Material Library: RIS100 for PxrLM
Maya Houdini Katana RenderMan Reyes RenderMan RIS v19+20 RenderMan RIS v21


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