Shader: Fake Glass Refraction


Our Fake Refraction shader works with RenderMan Reyes, and supports the new Physically Plausible paradigm with ray traced area lights. 

This ProKit is your full kit for using our Fake Refraction shader! Upon downloading this kit you can immediately render from Maya/RenderMan Studio, Houdini, Katana, or any package that supports RenderMan. It includes everything you need to get a nice looking render out-of-the-box. 

Why purchase the Fake Refraction Shader? Ray-traced (real) refraction looks beautiful with glass but is VERY expensive (time consuming) to render. Our Fake Refraction shader calculates the refraction vector, but doesn't do the refraction in the render, instead it outputs a custom layer with 3d information about the refraction vector as well index of refraction (IOR) and glass thickness, so you can use it in a compositing program (such as Nuke) to very quickly dial in your refraction of background objects. As a bonus this workflow has much more artistic control than "real" refraction so you can really customize the refraction look. See the video below for a demo:

Tutorial Video

View tutorial video in HD on YouTube


The download package includes:

  • RenderMan Shader (can load into Maya, Houdini, Katana, or any custom RenderMan package)
  • Maya scene file for rendering
  • Nuke scene file for compositing
  • Original HD tutorial video
  • Instructional Screenshots for loading shader into Maya


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