OSL Ocean


Our Ocean shader has been translated from RenderMan RSL/Reyes to OSL, and now works with any renderer that supports OSL! 


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Watch the Ocean Shader Video Tutorial in Houdini (10min) - click on HD

View all our tutorial videos on our Ocean Rendering playlist on YouTube.

The Ocean Shader package includes:

  • OSL Shader plugin (Displacement)
  • High-Resolution Reference Photography
  • Maya example scene file
  • HDR Environment Texture 

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The Ocean Shader has been succesfully used by individuals, and in full CG production! Below are some selected still renders from TV show Paddle Pop, created by TheMonk studios in Bangkok, Thailand. Even though the Ocean Shader is designed to be photo-real in conjuction with HDRI environment maps, it can also be stylized for more of a cartoon look, as can be seen in these great stills from PaddlePop:



Ocean Shader
Maya Houdini Katana RenderMan Reyes RenderMan RIS v19+20 RenderMan RIS v21
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