Shader: Procedural Terrain


Our Procedural Terrain shader works with RenderMan, and supports the new Physically Plausible paradigm. 

This ProKit is your full kit for using our Procedural Terrain shader! Upon downloading this kit you can immediately render from the RIB file included, or load the shader into Maya/RenderMan Studio, Houdini, Katana, or any package that supports RenderMan. It also includes the light shaders and environment maps, everything you need to get a nice looking render out-of-the-box. On top of that you have the full source code for the surface shader, so you can view, modify, and recompile the shader to your liking. 

Case Study

View our Case Study with DHXMedia on the Doozers animated series using the procedural terrain shader.

Demo Video

View 15min Demo video in HD on YouTube


The Procedural Terrain Shader includes:

  • Sample HDR Lightmap (Muir Woods)
  • 7 hi-resolution texture maps for sample terrain
  • Example Maya Scene file
  • Screenshot instructions of loading shader

 All our shaders are multi-platform, they work on PC/Mac OSX/Unix.