Shader: Raytraced Reflection


A simple raytraced reflection shader. Fast, efficient. This shader samples the environment & lights for reflections for your model. Works with classic lights as well as the new physically based lights in the latest RenderMan Reyes.


Tutorial Videos

New physically plausible version! View tutorial video in HD on YouTube

View tutorial video in HD on YouTube


  1. Free Download (with limited parameters): Download PRMan compiled shader
  2. ProKit: $25
    • Full parameters:
    • RIB file for generating renders
    • PDF Documentation of all parameters
    • Tutorial Movie 
    • Sample HDR Image "Traffic Lights on Pacifica" for rendering
  3. ProKit + Source Code: $75 
  • Includes all items of ProKit, plus full source code in Renderman Shading Language (RSL). You can modify and re-compile to suit all your needs!
  • Supports Classic lights as well as physically plausilbe area lights.

Sample of Source Code

* Note: The License Agreement requires one copy per user/computer. If you are purchasing for more users, supply the correct # of copies after clicking "Add to Cart". View the License Agreement before downloading or purchasing.