Shader: NPR Toon Sketch


Update March 2017: We are currently converting this shader to work with RenderMan21 RIS and a parallel Nuke plugin. This new version has a lot more new features including: lines that go off the geometry, texture hatching 10-brush lookup, and experimental "painterly" look. Release date is later this year, if interested contact us for a sneak peak!

This Non-Photo-Real (NPR) shader works on top of a physically-based render so it takes advantage of all existing light and material sampling in your scene, but stylizes it to a toon or sketch look (depending on your settings). It uses a number of edge detection techniques to find edges on your geometry by curvature, facing ratio, inverted occlusion, and random face assignment.

Upon downloading this product, you can use it in any system that is setup with RenderMan (Maya, Houdini, Katana, or any custom package) on any platform (Windows, Mac OSX, Unix).

Demo Videos

View turntable render video in HD on YouTube

View 2min Explainer Tutorial video in HD on YouTube

What's in the package?

  • Installation Video
  • Tutorial Demo Video
  • RenderMan Shader Plugin
  • Maya scene file
  • Sample renders


    The License Agreement that automatically comes with this product (no extra setup/verification required) enables one license per user, up to 2 computers (so you can use at work and home on 2nd computer). If you are purchasing for more users, supply the correct # from the dropdown menu. Need a custom license or a render farm license? Contact us. Our Render Farm Licenses are affordable and cover your entire farm no matter how big it is.



    Toon Shader
    Maya Houdini Katana RenderMan Reyes RenderMan RIS v19+20 RenderMan RIS v21
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    Coming Soon! Contact us for a sneak peak!


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